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Local Nashville Breweries We Love

It seems like every day a new craft brewery pops up in Nashville—and that's not a bad thing! If you love a good brew, there’s nothing better than having lots of local options. Often, local breweries produce small-batch, seasonal beers that have limited availability. If you like variety in your beer and supporting local businesses, the growth in local breweries is certainly a welcomed part of our growing city. Check out this list of some of our favorite local breweries. 


No local brewery list should start anywhere else. Yazoo is by far the most well-known local Nashville brewery, and for good reason: they’ve been in the game for a while now and they make excellent beer! Founded in 2003, Yazoo is Nashville’s first brewery since prohibition and has been the center of our beer world since. 

Yazoo started as a home-brew project but has slowly grown into a sort of local juggernaut. Over the years, they have expanded into newer, larger facilities and just recently they opened a brand new brewery in Madison to accommodate their expanding popularity. From super-hoppy IPAs to incredibly drinkable pale ales and everything in between, Yazoo has a beer for every taste. The best part? Through all of their growth, Yazoo has managed to stay 100% privately owned by the founder, a rarity when breweries reach this scale. 

Bearded Iris

A relative newcomer to the beer scene, opening in 2016 Bearded Iris made a serious splash. They’re all about the hops over here. While they mostly produce IPAs, don’t knock these guys for lack of variety. Even though Bearded Iris focuses on one style of beer, they understand all of the flavor profiles that can be produced using different styles of hops. Each of their beers yields a unique flavor profile and while they might all be of the same family, each brew is incredibly distinct. 

TailGate Brewery

While TailGate was founded on the West Coast and moved to Nashville in 2014, they have become a huge part of the local beer communityand huge isn’t an understatement, they are the largest brewery by capacity. With two tap rooms offering all sorts of activities and great food, it’s worth taking a trip to their facilities to check things out, grab a bite, and drink some great beer. 

Southern Grist 

Southern Grist is a somewhat small operation, and they have been producing some great local brews out of their West and East Nashville locations. These guys have a constant rotation of different beers available, but they are often limited releases, highlighting different ingredients and brewing methods. You’ll find all sorts of playful and creative beers from Southern Grist. 

Smith and Lentz

Based in East Nashville, Smith and Lentz is all about trying new ideas and experimenting with the brewing process. They focus primarily on lagers and IPAs, but you might see some other varieties on occasion. Similar to other craft breweries, their selection changes often, but that's all part of the fun; and speaking of fun, make sure to check out their taproom, which is really more of a community hang spot than a traditional brewery taproom experience. Bring along the dog and the kiddos since it’s a great place to chill out and enjoy a cold one. 

Tennessee Brew Works 

Tennessee Brew Works is one of the rarities in the local brewery world: they have a few varieties of beer that you can bet will always be available. Their Southern Wit and Cutaway IPA for example, are produced year-round and can usually be found without problem. But they also produce some amazing seasonal beers, too! The best part is that this brewery is super eco-friendly, employing the most modern energy and water reduction techniques available to brewers. Guilt-free beer? Heck yes! 


Jackalope - weird name, weird beer, and we are here for it. This distillery stands out because it's the only one on our list that is women-led (heck yes!), and they don’t mess around when it comes to fun, funky beers. Most of what they produce is unpasteurized and unfiltered, so you can expect a much different experience than what you get with more industrialized, large scale breweries. They were also the first brewery in Nashville to can their beers!